Our Story

Dale and Linda Bolton started Thrive in 2008 in Western Kenya. Thrive sets up community based organic learning gardens to reduce the risk of food insecurity. Both Linda and Dale are very passionate about educating others about the benefits of organic growing. We believe that small-scale organic farming could be the solution to ending extreme poverty.

Dale and Linda currently reside in Ontario, Canada, but regularly return to Kenya. Additionally, they travel around Canada and the United States to promote both Thrive and Natural Calm Canada.

5 Idleswift Drive
Thornhill, ON Canada
L4J 1K6

Kenyan Staff

Ambrose Motian

Ambrose Motian

Chief Executive Officer

Raphael Munene

Communications & Culture
Carol Gacheri

Caroline Gacheri

Seed Store Manager
Jacob Lotodo

Jacob Lotodo

Kenyan OATs Coordinator

Japheth Langat

International OATs Coordinator
OATS - Elias Wabomba

Elias Wabomba

Interns Coordinator
OATS - Ezekiel Abure Festo

Ezekiel Abure Festo

Interns Coordinator
O4O Staff: Esther Siret

Esther Siret

Healthy Guest House


Eden Guest House Cook

Canadian Staff

James Woller

James Woller

International Executive Director
Kerri Roberts

Kerri Roberts

Communications & Donor Engagement Manager

Board of Directors

O4O Staff: Dale Bolton

Dale Bolton


Linda Bolton

Board Chair
O4O Staff: Paul Weigel

Paul Weigel

O4O Staff - Somy

Somy Winardi


Steven Pippin


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