Meet Jacob

Jacob Lotodo was first introduced to Thrive in 2012 when he started his journey as an intern. In the past few years, Jacob has accepted the titles of husband, father, and the Partnership Coordinator for Thrive’s local partnerships. Jacob has started many community garden projects, most recently with a group of people who are deaf and another with a large Anglican church. Together, the Gay Lea Foundation and Thrive will work together to bring knowledge and practical skills to 120 students through the online training at the Thrive Institute. These students will be supported to create and maintain sustainable Life Gardens that provide healthy, nutritious, disease-fighting foods to at least 50 people in their community.

Project Location: Over 50 communities

Jacob’s Certifications: Organic Agricultural Trainer, Discipleship Training School, Thrive Leadership, Partnership Coordinator

Gay Lea Foundation

is proud to empower individuals to grow health by sponsoring the Thrive Institute Scholarship Program

The Gay Lea Foundation is dedicated to supporting education, poverty relief, co-operative development and community well-being projects in the communities where their members and employees live, work and play – and in developing countries around the world. Over the last 6 years, they have partnered with various charities across Canada, impacting thousands in need. To extend their impact, the Gay Lea Foundation is going a step further by partnering with Thrive for Good and the Thrive Institute to bring health and nutrition knowledge to 120 individuals from around the world. These students will create Life Gardens that reduce the prevalence of malaria by up to 75%, provide the nutrients our bodies need to thrive and allow individuals to reach their full potential.


scholarships provided to those in need


countries represented through the scholarship program

“Every single month I use to suffer from malaria. I was very weak, had muscle pain, chills, fever, night sweats, headache, loss of appetite and weight. But after coming to Thrive in 2012 and learning about natural medicine, I have never experienced malaria or allergies again.”

– Jacob Lotodo

How Gay Lea’s partnership gift is used:

100% of funds go directly to supporting Life Garden development and knowledge sharing.

Gay Lea’s investment of $12,000 was originally set to fund a School Expansion project designed to support students and educators to create and maintain Life Gardens. As a response to COVID-19 and the following school closures, the program re-redirected to support the Thrive Institute, to sponsor scholarships for approximately 120 students from October 2020 – October 2021.

Here’s where Gay Lea’s donation dollars were distributed:


Expansion of Life Gardens within nearby schools (seeds, tools, communication, transportation)


Scholarship sponsorships for 120 students from over 50 different countries ($75 per student)

School Smile
School Kids
School In The Garden