Strategic Partnerships

If you want to go far, go together
- African Proverb

We believe that through collaboration with Strategic Partners, we can do more to impact the lives of the vulnerable. When we partner with other organizations that share a mutual vision and mission to empower the poor, we’re able to expand our work to reach more communities and help more people escape the generational cycle of poverty.

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The quickest and most effective strategy to expand our reach is to work with partners already engaged in asset-based community development work. Partners are the doorway to the markets and communities for our services. We take partners through a process of discovery, planning, training, measuring and ongoing support.

Although our end-user and beneficiary is each individual community member, partners are our client, establishing a B-to-B business model.

We know that investing in local expertise is the best way to create long-term impact. We partner with organizations that have demonstrated a community-centred approach, excellent financial reporting and are committed to sustainability.

We understand that every organization and area of development is different. Therefore we customize and then integrate our model and methodology to our partner’s work. This is done by training and certifying select partner team members to become internal champions. Throughout the partnership, we resource, support, measure the impact and continuously train the partner’s Champion.

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Our Partnership Process

The partnership process spans discovery, exploration, strategic planning, program execution, monitoring, evaluation, and finally, program expansion
Discovery & Exploration
Strategic Planning
Program Execution
Monitor & Evaluation
Program Expansion

Let’s Work Together

We’re always looking for new partners.

If your organization needs a sustainable solution to ending hidden hunger, get in touch.

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