Our Strategic Partners

Partnering to scale.

The quickest and most effective strategy to expand our reach is to work with partners already engaged in asset-based community development work. Partners are the doorway to the markets and communities for our services. We take partners through a process of discovery, planning, training, measuring and ongoing support.

Although our end-user and beneficiary is each individual community member, partners are our client, establishing a B-to-B business model.

We know that investing in local expertise is the best way to create long-term impact. We partner with organizations that have demonstrated a community-centred approach, excellent financial reporting and are committed to sustainability.

We understand that every organization and area of development is different. Therefore we customize and then integrate our model and methodology to our partner’s work. This is done by training and certifying select partner team members to become internal champions. Throughout the partnership, we resource, support, measure the impact and continuously train the partner’s Champion.

Natural Calm Canada

Thrive and Natural Calm Canada were birthed at the same time. Business founder Linda Bolton wanted to bring a top-selling health supplement to Canada. During this time her and her husband were discovering the orphan pandemic in Africa. After seeing the crisis first-hand in 2004, they decided to create a Canadian company that was committed to helping unsupported children in Africa.
Natural Calm Canada has helped to create awareness to millions every year about the plight of orphans in Africa. Additionally, all organizational overhead costs for Thrive are covered by Natural Calm.

Bopoma Villages

Bopoma Villages founders, Dr. Randy and Natalie Watson lived normal Canadian lives until 2009 when both were impacted as they visited Zimbabwe. They witnessed the devastating impact of economic collapse, disease, and malnutrition. They worked together to set up several community programs that created clean water and taught about proper hygiene. In 2012, they discovered Thrive’s growing health program in Kenya and sent 2 Zimbabweans to learn about food and health security. Today they have created very extensive community development programs in 12 villages in the Zaka area located in southern Zimbabwe.

Africa New Life

Thrive has been partnering with Africa New Life Missions (ANLM) for several years. Initially, they approached Thrive to find out if they could get some training for their project in Rwanda. Thrive trained an OAT who went to work with them to help them get started. The soil is very dry and hard in this area, so Theo, our OAT, decided the best way to overcome this would be to build Keyhole gardens. Working closely with local groups, he has been built 150 of these gardens in various communities that ANLM is working with.

Partners in Action Logo

Partners in Action

Partners in Action is located in Phoenix, Arizona. They have helped Thrive process US donations since 2008. This organization supports over 70 organizations from all over the world. They have a keen interest in helping all of their supporting organizations develop 21st-century answers for food and health security.

Harvest Gardens

Jessica Lawlor came to Kenya in 2012 to check our Thrive’s growing health program. With the help of different churches in England, Harvest Gardens sent leaders from 12 different African countries to our training center. Food and health security programs have been set up in all of their respective home communities.

Provision of Hope

Provision of Hope has been supporting projects in Liberia since 2008. In 2012 they heard about Thrive’s food and health security program. Immediately they sent 2 young men to attend the one-month seminar in Kenya. Since they have returned, both men have helped many to understand how to create a disease-fighting lifestyle.

Heartbeat Ministries

Heartbeat Ministries is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. They support programs in Eastern Kenya. Oliver, a Kenyan, was sent by the organization to the Thrive training center in 2011. Since then he has impacted many villages in the Voi area. In 2016, they conducted a three-week leadership training program. Their vision is to help the 250,000 people in their region with food and health security.

Vision for Africa

Bill and Patricia Cornell of Vision for Africa partner with Thrive in prison projects in Kitale, Kenya. In addition, Thrive helped create Visions for Africa’s garden program that supports widows and women who have been released from prison. Food for personal consumption and resale help women who have very few options.

Pokot Now

Rick and Mary Strickland are creating community development projects within the Pokot tribe. This is happening in some of the most remote areas of Kenya. During the development of this organization, Thrive helped to set up community learning gardens, drill water wells and create moringa tree projects for community health.