The Most Important Reason To Grow Your Own Food

Heirloom Tomatoes

The tomato taste test. You slice a tomato from the garden – along with one that came from the grocery store – and taste them both. There are many reasons the one from the store often doesn’t taste like much. First, the variety of tomato is bland to begin with. It was chosen

The delicate balance between a hand-out and a hand-up

Harvesting vegetables

Thrive for Good is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 to help eradicate extreme poverty.  Thrive took a different approach than most to the concept of charity, though, and instead of giving help in the form of money or handing out single meals, they dug deep to find the roots of

How $15 Can Change a Life

Maybe you’ve seen emails, social media posts or even ads sharing, “When you donate $15 to Thrive for Good, you can transform an individual's life forever.” Your first thought might be “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?". Followed by “$15 isn’t a lot of money, how can that change someone’s life forever!” Don’t worry,

Thrive Staff: James Woller

My journey arriving at Thrive is scattered with God’s grace and sovereignty. But, that has been the case with every major life transition I have made. What ultimately brought me to Thrive is my passion to join a movement that helps lift others out of poverty. I hate poverty. God’s

Thankful 4…

This year we are thankful for something very simple. We are thankful for something that is used in some way, every single day, by every single person in this world. They are used in recipes, calendars, driving instructions, phone books, stores, clocks, birthdays, mail and most importantly, they are used

Where Does Your Donated Money Go?

Donated Money

Many people that donate to non-profit organizations or charities often wonder where their money actually goes. The common question, "What percentage of my money goes towards supporting the organization's mission as opposed to administrative costs?" often arises. At Thrive we are happy to share that 100% of your donation goes

Thrive Staff: Somy Winardi

I got to know Thrive through Dale, whom I had known for more than 10 years as part of the Pastors and Leaders group in the Greater Toronto Area. Soon I discovered that Dale went to Africa often with a  mission to end extreme poverty through the Thrive organization. Over

Thrive Staff: Paul Weigel

O4O Staff: Paul Weigel

I first heard about Thrive in the early stages of its conception. Margaret (my wife) and I had reconnected with Dale and Linda around our common interest in sailing. About that time Dale and Linda had both made significant life changes in order to follow their vision of building a

Thrive Staff: Esther Siret

O4O Staff: Esther Siret

While I was attending college, I can recall returning home to see a few men working in our family garden. They created nice garden beds and planted a variety of crops that I often only saw in grocery stores. My family and I really loved the work that they did