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We Can End Hidden Hunger in our Lifetime

2 billion people aren’t getting enough life-giving nutrients to reach their full potential and fight disease.

We believe the world’s biggest problem is hidden hunger. It impacts everything. Hidden hunger is a chronic lack of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients only whole foods can deliver. It shows up in EVERY country where the first priority is to get food in bellies, and where we only eat meal after meal of processed, white grains and corn.

It causes kids to miss school. It keeps adults from work when they’re chronically ill. And it orphans too many children.

The diseases caused by hidden hunger cost us too much to treat —if we have access to healthcare at all. And the burden of disease from Hidden Hunger limits global efforts to end extreme poverty. Because nutrition is a basic need and only when it’s met can people thrive.

Until now, the knowledge and training of a nutrient-dense diet has seemed out of reach for many.

But with training from the Thrive Institute, anyone can grow health.

What is the Thrive Institute?

The Thrive Institute is the first online training platform that empowers and equips students with the training needed to start ‘Life Gardens’ and grow nutritious, disease-fighting foods. Learners aren’t just taught how to grow nutritious, organic food, they learn how to grow sustainably and generate income from the surplus.

Thrive Institute courses are based on:

  • 10+ years of hands-on experience growing health
  • Over 1 million hours of training, research and applied practice
  • Extensive consulting with world leaders in health and organic growing
Step by step

Step-By-Step Life Garden Courses

With an online platform that optimizes the learning experience through video, instructed course teachings, and online resources, students are able to advance their ‘growing’ skills anytime, anywhere, and on any device that is connected to the internet.

The World Needs You Now More Than Ever

It needs Life Gardeners.

The time to grow organically, locally and sustainably is now. Thrive Institute is inspiring a grassroots movement of growers and farmers to cultivate income-generating Life Gardens for families, communities and organizations.

World needs you

Is the Thrive Institute for Me?

Are you tired of sickness and diseases? Are you longing to increase your health and develop immunities through disease-fighting foods? Are you wanting to maximize your yields and increase your profits by growing a surplus?

The Thrive Institute is for you.

What Students are Saying

Thrive has a rich history and extensive experience in offering training to individuals, just like you. We have trained over 35,000 leaders and community members since 2010. Thrive students go on to impact thousands of lives and create sustainability wherever they work.


Experience the transformation of Thrive Life Gardens.

Get a free trial of 4 courses today and explore topics such as the “Deep Soil Preparation” course which includes resources and a demonstration video.

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Join the growing movement of Life Gardens and change your life, your community, and the world.

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Deep soil penetration

Organic Gardening: Deep Soil Preparation

Master the 8 biointensive techniques that are required to create and maintain healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people. Three lessons are packed with knowledge about feeding and protecting your soil, protective plants, open-pollinated seeds and more. Follow along with the additional demonstration video that will show you how to make your own double dug garden bed. You will be harvesting nutritious, whole foods in no time!

Foods that promote disease

Nutrition: Foods that Promote Disease

Your diet and health will be transformed after learning about the foods that cause your body to be sick and to not function to its fullest potential. From sugars to oils to salts and processed foods. Discovering what unhealthy foods you should avoid will also help you to prevent diseases like diabetes, obesity, ADHD, cancer and many more. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” Start living a healthier, full life now.


Natural Medicine: Diabetes

Diabetes is quickly becoming a pandemic in North America and many developing countries. Discover exactly what diabetes is, the different types, and the damage it can have on your life. Then understand how to help others and yourself avoid and even reverse this life-threatening disease by incorporating a few simple routines in your daily life.

Making income grow

Income Generation: Making Income Grow

In this chapter, you will learn about why small-scale farms fail and how to grow income for more people. Asking yourself important questions will help you think outside of the box and stand out in a crowd. Location, partners, transportation, and resources including time are just a few of the important topics that you need to consider. Learn how to be efficient and successful so that your mini-farm can generate income.

Want to Partner with the Thrive Institute?

Add a certified Growing Health Champion to your team.

A growing number of organizations are partnering with the Thrive Institute to deliver training and activate local champions to create nourishing and income generating gardens to combat hunger, poverty and disease.

We accomplish our mission of developing healthier, sustainable communities by enhancing and optimizing the work of others. Thrive has proven its ability to empower through training and selected partners have excelled in their ability to develop stronger communities, by implementing Life Gardens.

We’re always looking for new partners. If your organization needs a sustainable solution to ending hidden hunger, get in touch.

These are the partners that are growing health with the Thrive Institute: