Learn. Engage. Impact.

Thrive puts nutritional security – not just food security – in the hands of the poor.

The quickest and most effective strategy to expand our reach will be done by working with partners already engaged in asset-based community development work. Partners are the doorway to hundreds of thousands of communities in the developing world that are in need.

At Thrive, we believe that investing in local expertise is the best way to create long-term impact. We partner with organizations that have demonstrated a community-centred approach, excellent financial reporting and are committed to sustainability.

We understand that every organization and area of development is different. Therefore we customize and then integrate our model and methodology to our partner’s work. This is done by training and certifying select team members to become Growing Health Champions.

Throughout the partnership, we resource, support, measure the impact and continuously train the new Champion.

Is the Thrive Institute for My Organization?

Are you tired of sickness and diseases? Are you longing to increase your health and develop immunities through disease-fighting foods? Are you wanting to maximize your yields and increase your profits by growing a surplus?

The Thrive Institute is for you.


We have set our prices based on our passion to make our training available for all organizations. No price can be set on 10+ years of experience, research and best practices. Over 1 million hours of learning, gardening, research, etc has gone into the ultimate design and development of the courses at the Thrive Institute.

Revenue generated from this online training supports our not-for-profit work on the ground in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Through the generosity of multiple individuals that support and believe in us, in you and your organization, in changing our communities – we have been able to set prices on a ‘cost only’ basis.

Learn More About Becoming a Strategic Partner

Basic Training

The Basic package is our starter pack designed to introduce users to the Life Gardening model with our basic courses.

After completion, students will be able to become a “Life Gardener” who can plant keyhole, kitchen, backyard or even community gardens.


* 50 without a scholarship

Get Started
  • Life Garden Training – Starter Pack (28 Courses)
  • Step-by-step demonstration videos and guidelines
  • Downloadable additional resources and delicious recipes

Pro Training

The Pro package is designed for community, organization and church leaders who are ready to become certified as a Life Gardener Trainer in their community and organization. It includes a complete suite of tools for full engagement and success.

After completing the Pro Package, Life Gardeners will be empowered with income generating skills to supplement their new passion for health and nutritious food. We will provide Life Gardeners access to our Growth Fund where they can raise needed funds to launch Life Gardens in their communities.


* $150 without a scholarship

Get Started

All the basic training features plus:

  • Life Garden Training – Module 1 (40 Courses)
  • Access & discounts to newly created content
  • Access to the Growth Fund and use of Fundrazr for investment for Life Garden
  • Community Knowledge Hub
  • Certification

Premier Training

Designed for Strategic Partners to access in order to provide internal training for a selected team member to become certified as a “Growing Health Champion.” GH Champions are then able to lead communities through the training, demonstrations and Life Garden training.

Our Premier package comes with 1-on-1 coaching and support with a Master Organic Agricultural Trainer (MOAT) at Thrive.


Get Started

All the pro training features plus:

  • Growing Health Champion Courses
  • 1-on-1 coaching for GH Champions
  • Dashboard and monthly reporting