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Life Gardens can change everything.

We believe so deeply and passionately about the positive impact and life-changing opportunities that the knowledge and training of Life Gardens offer – we are on a mission to provide it to everyone.

Through dozens of passionate funders, we have a substantial scholarship fund available to help make training for health accessible to all.

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Discover what the Thrive Institute is all about by exploring 4 courses for free!

After enjoying your free trial, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship so that you can experience the transformation of Thrive Life Gardens.

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  • Take your first steps to understanding soil. Begin planting in 5 hours.
  • Did you know the root causes of disease are in the foods you eat?
  • Learn the surprising facts about local herbs that fight killer diseases.
  • Discover how your community’s backyard can fill your pocket!

Pro Training

The Pro package is designed for community, organization and church leaders who are ready to become certified as a Life Gardener Trainer in their community and organization. It includes a complete suite of tools for full engagement and success.

After completing the Pro Training Package, Life Gardeners will be empowered with income-generating skills to supplement their new passion for health and nutritious food. We will provide Life Gardeners access to our Growth Fund where they can raise needed funds to launch Life Gardens in their communities.


  • Life Garden Training – Module 1 (40 Courses)
  • 18 Step-by-step demonstration videos and guidelines
  • Downloadable additional resources and delicious recipes
  • Access & discounts to newly created content
  • Free access to the online Community Knowledge Hub
  • Opportunity to receive 5 digital and printable certificates

* $150 without a scholarship

Everyone can thrive with accessible pricing and scholarships.

We have set our prices based on our passion to make our training available for EVERYONE. No price can be set on 10+ years of experience, research and best practices. Over 1 million hours of learning, gardening, and research have gone into the ultimate design and development of the courses at the Thrive Institute.

Revenue generated from this online training supports our not-for-profit work on the ground in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Through the generosity of multiple individuals that support and believe in us, in you, in changing our communities – scholarships are available for students that want to join the Thrive Institute and need support.


Experience the transformation of Thrive Life Gardens.

Get a free trial of 4 courses today and explore topics such as the “Deep Soil Preparation” course which includes resources and a demonstration video.

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See What You Can Do With This Training

Case Study: Zambian Orphanage Monthly Food Cost Reduced by 92%

David Mtumbi completed the Thrive Institute training with a desire to make a difference for the 60 million orphans in Africa. He believed that organic farming and natural medicine were critical in helping orphanages.

After finishing the curriculum and training, he immediately connected with an orphanage in Zambia that was caring for 1,850 children. At the time, the $5 a week feeding cost per child was totalling near $500,000 a year in food costs. David saw an opportunity that if they started the organic agricultural training program and grew their food and medicine they would realize tremendous cost savings.

Within a year they had reduced their food costs by 92% – to $1.30 per child. Given their success in using the land, the local chief has provided 120 acres to expand. The money saved by growing food has been used to build toilets, schools and other much-needed elements of care for the children.

This partner in Zambia is just one example of the potential impact sustainable organic gardening can have in communities through you.

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