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The Future of Gardening

Whether you’re looking to grow a few vegetables in your backyard, for your community or you want to increase your overall health and immunity, our courses and certifications will help you find the healthier ‘you’.

Organic Gardening Courses

How we eat matters.

Our courses are structured according to the four pillars of Thrive and our proven Life Gardens methodology. Every link in our Growing Health methodology is essential — if one is missing, then the others lose their impact and potential for transformation and change.

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Organic and sustainable techniques (no chemicals or inputs) are used to grow food throughout the year, requiring minimal water. Each standard garden can sustain the nutrition needs for approximately 40 people.



Health is a symphony of different foods for nutrition. Indigenous crops that were planted before mono-cropping are rediscovered, and a variety is grown to engage a holistic approach to enhance the heart, joints and the immune system significantly. A standard garden diet produces maximum nutrition for a high standard of health – in any developing country.

Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

Each community garden includes a portion of medicinal plants. They are used to prevent and treat diseases. Indigenous plants can be used for burns, diarrhea, anti-bacterial treatment, malaria prevention, and HIV/AIDS treatment. This is life-saving in areas with minimal medical support, common to the rural poor.

Income Generation

Income Generation

When community members are growing their own nutritious food, and as a result are healthy and not burdened with continuous diseases, the world of opportunity opens. We provide training to help recognize that higher value, organic crops can create better profits and when utilizing sustainable methods, they are protected from market influences. Naturally, they decide to expand their efforts.

Institute Courses

Available from anywhere, on any device, at any time

Organic Gardening Course

  1. Biointensive: Deep Soil Preparation
  2. Feed Your Soil – It’s Hungry, Too!
  3. Soil Made Super by Trees
  4. Protecting the Soil
  5. Companion Plants That Protect Your Garden
  6. Saving & Starting Open Pollinated Seeds
  7. Pest & Disease Management
  8. Worms Are Best Friends
  9. Improving Yields – Growing Upwards
  10. Living Fences That Protect Your Garden

Nutrition Course

  1. Kitchen Gardens Make Healthy Homes
  2. Knowing Your Amazing Plants
  3. Disease Prevention with Good Hygiene
  4. Water & Tea – Liquid Health
  5. Foods That Promote Disease
  6. Foods That Prevent Disease
  7. Green Leaf Nutrition – The Power in Plants
  8. Gut Health: The Garden Inside
  9. Food Preparation – Planning for Success
  10. Healthy at 100

Natural Medicine Course

  1. Moringa: The Miracle Tree & Its Benefits
  2. Helping Digestion
  3. Bitters: Nature’s Hidden Treasure
  4. Diabetes – Losing Energy
  5. A Natural Answer to Ailments
  6. Artemisia – The Healing Weed
  7. Malaria – The Silent Killer
  8. Plants That Heal
  9. Antibacterial Powerhouse Plants
  10. Skin: Protecting Your 1st Defense

Income Generation Course

  1. C.R.O.P. – The Power of Daily Habits
  2. Harvesting Rain For Free
  3. Managing Yourself Managing Others
  4. Free Fireless Cooking
  5. The Value of Work and Rest
  6. Creating and Managing a Group
  7. 5-Day Workshop
  8. The Importance of Data
  9. Effectively Teaching What You’ve Learned
  10. Making Income Grow
Thrive Institute curriculum is now available in Spanish!

Frequently Asked Questions

We realize you probably have a few questions for us before you join. Therefore, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions below:

Q: Where do I take this course?

The course is completely online so you can partake whenever and wherever you would like (as long as you have internet access).


Q: When does it begin?

Whenever you like! You will be given lifetime access to the material and can complete it at a pace that is right for you!


Q: How long does it take?

The course is designed so that you can take it at a speed that is best for you. Most students will do it over 4 weeks, completing approximately 25 hours of instructor-led training.


Q: Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you can receive a certificate if you purchase the pro training package. As long as you complete the pro training course and receive a passing grade.

You will not receive a certificate with the free trial, but it is still a good place to start your journey – you can always upgrade to the pro package at a later date.

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Q: How much does a course cost?

We have 2 different training courses available.

The Free Trial is $0 and gives you access to 4 courses.

The Pro Training package is $0 USD with a scholarship or $150 USD without a scholarship. This package gives you access to all 40 courses and 5 certificates.

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Q: Do you have a refund policy?



Q: How do I sign up and pay?

You can either sign up for a scholarship here or pay for one of our pro package here.