Academy Sneak Peek

We’ve recently put the finishing touches on our new course.

Actually, it’s 2 courses: One on Growing Food and one on Healthy Eating.

The focus of the Growing Food Course is, yes, growing food, but more specifically, growing extraordinarily nutrient-dense food using organic methods.

Here’s a little video:

I moved into an old house last spring.

I put in the first garden, near the kitchen.

I filmed the process for you from spring through fall to help you implement the same steps in your yard.

We start by preparing the soil, then move to designing the garden, then planting it, and finally maintaining and harvesting it.

At each step, there are things you can do to increase the nutrition in the food. 

And fortunately, doing that also improves flavor, increases storage time for winter, and decreases insect pests (because insects eat plants that are low in nutrients).

In the Healthy Eating Course, we look at which foods to eat more of (and less of) in order to prevent the leading diseases of our time.

We also look at which foods to eat for health and longevity, in general. 

From there, we cook some meals that use these noteworthy foods.

What’s so nice about having the 2 courses together is once we know which foods prevent disease and support longevity, we start to include more of them in our gardens.

Furthermore, as we grow more varieties of vegetables, herbs, and beyond, we find more opportunities for variety in our cooking.

If you’re interested, right now, you can get access to the course for free right here: