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Seeds For The Winter Blues

Often when the cold weather comes people start to think about flu shots and other medications as healing options. Are there other options that can be used to help avoid and treat these awful illnesses?

Richter's Catalogue

The winter is not just a time of escaping the weather. For some of us, it is enjoying the seed catalogues that come every year after Christmas.

One of my favourite catalogues comes from a herbal seed company.

It may be hard to believe, but this one company sells almost a thousand different seeds with most of them having health building benefits.

Healing Plant Hobbies

Through research, I have learned that there are over thirty thousand different plants that can be consumed.

These plants are there for a reason. One of my healthiest hobbies, one that you should develop to, is discovering the healing powers that different plants possess. You don’t have to be a botanist, just a lover of plants and what they can do.

Some are teas that build immune function, some are for allergies, some calm the stomach or nerves, and some provide a peaceful sleep. I never get tired of discovering what is in creation that has the power to heal and protect.

Herbs & Lifespan: 103 Years Old

I remember going on a very normative trip in East Africa. The tribe I was visiting had herded animals for centuries, but with reduced rainfall, it was making it impossible for them to keep large animals like cows. The life span for this tribe was approximately two-thirds of the world average.

I went there to speak to them about the merits involved in starting drought-resistant gardens. The man who drove me to this meeting started asking different questions about what I was doing. I explained that Thrive felt that the best option for this tribe was to learn to create small, life-giving gardens. This idea really caught the driver’s attention because he had an uncle who lived on herbs all his life and died at age 103. That was about twice the national lifespan average.

Rick & Dale

I said to him that the best story these people could hear was his uncle’s story.

Seed Selfie Sunday

For almost a third of the people on this earth, adding a protective diet could be the main thing that could keep them from living or dying.  In each country, protective plants are there for a reason. Everyone just needs to discover them. 

To help you discover different plants and herbs we will be starting “Seed Selfie Sundays” where we will share the different health benefits of plants that you can include in your home and outdoor gardens. Follow us on Facebook to learn more.