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100% of your money brings nutrition and health to those in need.

The Return on Investment

Every $1 invested in Life Gardens can yield $15 in economic returns to a community.

Private donors and companies cover our operating costs, so you can give knowing your gift goes directly to supporting our Life Gardens.

It’s a solid investment. Life Gardens are perhaps the single most powerful tool for ending poverty.

With the right knowledge and simple tools, it costs very little to grow health. But the impact is enormous, rippling out to dramatically improve child development, mortality, economic security — creating brighter futures.

$15 a month gives 12 people a year everything they need to grow health.

Life Gardens changed the lives of Jacob, John, Mara and Joyce. Read their stories.

At Thrive, we want to be different. We want to be undeniably transparent in everything we do. Here’s how Thrive allocates its revenues during the fiscal year between program costs, administrative costs, and awareness initiatives.

  • 73% goes directly to building sustainable communities. This covers the costs of our trainers, seeds, supplies and tools needed for a community to start their own Life Garden.
  • 16% supports the administration and operating costs required to deliver our training that empowers more families and communities to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods.
  • 11% helps fund our marketing and fundraising initiatives used to continually promote the transformative message of Thrive and our Life Gardens model.

Early in Thrive’s foundation, Natural Calm Canada committed to donating 100% of its profits to fund our administration, operating and fundraising costs. This means that all of Thrive’s organizational expenses, such as salaries, office, communications and travel expenses, have been paid for by Natural Calm and a few other philanthropist donors.

This allows 100% of your donation to go towards projects and programming.

Create lasting impact by supporting a community in need.

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Give monthly and help lift 1 million people out of extreme poverty by 2025 by simply giving them access to nutrition.

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