Ending Poverty Together

Thrive empowers people with the training and simple tools they need to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods for life — sustainably.

Our Mission

Thrive is spreading a naturally contagious model for growing health, organically. We train and equip communities to create Life Gardens, so they can step out of poverty and teach others to do the same.

We Measure Every Project

We track every dollar raised and show your impact through monthly growth reports and photos of the projects you helped fund.

Using a measure of “social return on investment” (SROI) is part of the pact we make with our team, our funders, and most importantly, the communities we serve. Keeping SROI at the forefront helps us allocate resources to where we can generate the most social good for every dollar we deploy.


Our roots are in Kenya. For over a decade, Thrive for Good has been working hand-in-hand with local communities to end hidden hunger and poverty.

Our staffing model reflects our commitment to building the capacity of local leaders, systems, and communities. Over 90% of our team is East African, and most of our staff — including educators — are recruited directly from the communities we serve.

Thrive’s innovative organic agriculture, nutrition and health curriculum was designed in partnership with local leaders.

100% Goes to the Field

Private donors and corporate sponsors cover our operating costs so 100% of your money can go to developing Life Gardens in impoverished communities.

Get to Know Us

Learn more about the Thrive for Good team and the story of our founders, Dale and Linda Bolton.

Leadership Team

Our team is small, efficient, passionate, and virtual…

International Team

100% of our team is on the ground in the countries they live and work…

Banff, Linda and Dale

Dale and Linda have dedicated their lives to ending poverty…

Somy, Linda, and Dale

Ensures adherence to standards and maintains accountability…

Be Inspired. Be Transformed.

Check out stories and updates from our team, partners, supporters and how we are scaling the difference you are making.

Shop with Purpose

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What seeds of change will you plant?

Join us and make an impact. For $15 a month, you can bring 12 people a year everything they need to grow health — for life. Join our monthly giving community, The Harvest, and give the sustainable gift of nutrition and health.

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