Proving It

We collect. We measure. We prove.

Thrive believes in the power of proof.

As donors, partners and supporters, you deserve transparency and evidence that your gifts are well-stewarded. That’s why we invest in measuring impact.

We don’t just believe that Life Gardens change lives. We know it. That’s because we measure impacts on health, food security, poverty and the environment.

Data informs our decisions, strategies and guides our efforts. We relentlessly pursue data collection to develop baseline metrics in each area of impact and with each partner. Data is our ‘north-star.’
Our goal is to set new standards for collecting, measuring and communicating impact. We’re reaching that goal by using well-designed systems, processes and automation infused with technology integration.

Monitoring With Tablet

How We Measure

Each month Thrive monitors its projects. Equipped with connected cell-phones, our evaluators use FormStack as an integrated monitoring tool to measure impact, data, and other key metrics. This data is then seamlessly integrated into our management SalesForce Dashboard.


Monthly Monitoring

Each month we review each Life Garden Project based on our 65 metrics of impact.


Quarterly Assessments

On a quarterly basis, reports (rolled up monthly monitoring reports) are produced, evaluated and insight provided on a peer-to-peer level for further training and feedback.

365 Days

Annual Evaluations

Each year we send a master evaluator to each community project for an onsite evaluation.