Shining Light in Men‘s & Women’s Prisons

One of the biggest lights that stands out is our projects in prisons. Currently, we have massive gardens and various training programs in 4 different prisons. The future will involve the creation of Growing Health Prison manuals so that other prisons may also have our life-changing training. Many of the inmates are in these prisons as a result of poverty. By taking our training and learning how to grow food and generate income, these individuals will be well prepared for when they are released. Many of their lives will be changed for the better. Many of them won’t have to return to prison again because they won’t be living in poverty anymore. These people will be growing health and fully living life!

We are currently working in the Kitale Men’s Prison, the Kitale Women’s Prison, the Kapenguria Prison and the Kitale Annex Prison.


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Garden Beds

Joyce Juma is our fearless leader who has started all of our prison projects. Joyce faced many hardships in life at a young age. Joyce was physically abused, an orphan, poor, hungry, and faced many life-threatening diseases. By God’s grace, Joyce was able to eventually attend school, where she developed an interest in agriculture. OATS - Joyce Juma

Her natural green thumb was noticed by a neighbour who had previously attended one of the Thrive’s seminars. Soon after, Joyce was introduced to Thrive and had the opportunity to take the one-month seminar.  Over time Joyce started 3 community development projects. One was a community church project that had 64 beds. Another project involved her home garden project that grew to have 32 beds. The third project was at her old high school which had 34 beds. Seeing how hard working she was, Thrive wanted to provide her with more opportunities. During this time a women’s prison became very interested in organic farming and wanted to learn what Thrive was teaching. Joyce was the perfect candidate. Although it was a little bit out of her comfort zone, Joyce went to this prison and taught our 5-day workshop to 150 inmates and 17 guards. Since then Joyce has been doing an amazing job working with the prisons. Joyce truly is a world changer and she is a role model for many of our new female students.

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