Canada’s most decorated
Olympian is helping to end
malnutrition and hidden hunger.

Photo: Terence Dewaele

Penny has partnered with Thrive for Good as an Ambassador as she is passionate about making a difference and impacting the world. Two billion people don’t get the life-giving nutrients they need to reach their full potential.

Thrive empowers communities with the training and simple tools they need to sustainably grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-fighting foods for life.

Thrive - Planting Hope, Harvesting Change
Penny Oleksiak Diving
Photo: Terence Dewaele

How Penny Is Helping

In August 2022, Penny booked her flights to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with the Thrive team, excited to raise money and create waves of change for communities living in poverty. Unfortunately, just weeks before the climb, she tore her meniscus.

Although she wasn’t able to climb, she shared her passion for the cause and raised over $35,000 for families in need.

Canada’s Most Decorated Olympian and World Champion Swimmer

  • 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Four Medals: one gold, one silver, and two bronze
  • 2020 Tokyo Games. Three medals: one silver and two bronze
Penny Oleksiak Preparing
Penny Oleksiak Medals

About Penny Oleksiak

Outside of her swim life, she is a leader for the next generation of Canadian female empowerment.

Unsurprisingly, she was a recipient of the 2022 Top 25 Women of Influence Award.

As a passionate social activist, Penny has worked with multiple organizations, including The Toronto Humane Society, Thrive for Good, WE Day, and The Terry Fox Foundation.

Penny has modelled for brands such as Asics and Holt Renfrew and publications such as Glory Magazine.

In 2022, she partnered with the social enterprise Natural Calm to become their brand ambassador – a company that gives 100% of its profits to fight global hunger.

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From Penny

“Founders Linda and Dale Bolton are working to educate people to do the best they can with what they are able to do. You don’t see that approach very often.

They invited me for dinner. It was so natural. I’m kind of terrified of big spectacles. They are wholesome — that’s my vibe. We had a home-cooked meal.

They are super amazing and were so welcoming. I had the best time. They’ve been teaching me about the world, and how to help those who need it.”

Create Waves of Change With Penny Oleksiak

Join Penny Oleksiak in the fight against malnutrition and hidden hunger donating. You’ll receive an instant tax receipt for all gifts over $15. Thank you! Your donation makes an incredible difference.