Field Stories

Stories that inspire us.

Each day, our trainers, community leaders and evaluators get real encounters to see the fruit of the seeds they have planted. Seeds of hope which blossom into change and transformation. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.

Here are just a few of the many stories we’ve been inspired by. Grab a cup of coffee and be prepared to see the change that is happening in the world.


“Before I came to Thrive, I used to suffer a lot from typhoid and malaria. Once I learned about healthy foods and natural medicine, I changed my eating style. Since then, I have not had to go to the hospital again. Eating a variety of vegetables and greens has strengthened my immune system. I am thankful that I am now a Thrive trainer and can share this knowledge that changed my life.”

– Collins


“The health of my family has been changed by learning to make food our medicine. We make our own smoothies, eat raw vegetables and sell surplus, which has enabled us to sustain our living fully. Our garden has also attracted our neighbours, and the healing is spreading to our community!”

– Elizabeth


“Before I joined Thrive, I used to fall sick with malaria and arthritis. I could not afford to pay school fees, and my family slept in a bad house. But now, I have been able to get free of malaria and arthritis. My daughter is finishing university, and we have a permanent home.”

– Ambrose


“I had lost hope while in prison, but after attending one of Thrive’s trainings within the prison, I became an asset to my community. When I was released, I started using my new knowledge to create a community Life Garden. Growing health has provided enough nutritious food for my family, my dad’s and we earn money by selling our surplus produce.”

– Oscar


“We started consuming the chemical-free foods that we planted. I specifically started noticing changes in my skin, whereby the white dry spots had disappeared and my stomach stopped grumbling. I started asking others – my dad’s ulcers had subsided and my neighbours’ kids were not suffering from malaria as frequently. My passion for growing health and improving the soil in simple ways increased from the changes I was seeing.”

– Melvin

Mrs Moiben

“I have been experiencing a lot of pain for several years. My doctor told me that my nerves were burnt and requested that I take blood thinning medication. Thankfully, I was introduced to Thrive’s trainer, Andrew who has taught me about healthy eating and natural medicine. I am now able to bend without shortness of breath and feeling dizzy while doing laundry. My legs are no longer swollen so I am able to put on my gumboots and work. Instead of using money for medication, I use it to garden the organic way for me and my family as this is the solution for the pain we have been enduring.”

– Mrs. Moiben


Mrs. Moiben’s daughter, Faith, had previously missed many days of schools due to expensive hospital visits caused by stomach ulcers and anemia. Since learning about healthy eating, the entire family has changed their diet, eliminating sugar and processed foods. After 3 short weeks, Faith has not complained of any health issues. She now takes her green smoothie to school everyday where she is no longer falling behind in her studies.

– Faith


“I have been privileged with the opportunity to experience the goodness of organic farming for three months now. Since I have been consuming artemisia tea, I no longer suffer from malaria which used to affect me twice a month. I no longer have to go to the hospital for expensive medication. I am now able to experience daily living with no pain.”

– Macho


“My name is Mary, a student from Vision for Africa. In 2017 a trainer from Thrive taught us organic farming, herbal medicine and nutrition. Before this training my blood pressure was 200 (extremely high!). My body was too weak to garden and I couldn’t perform household chores. I suffered for years. During this time, I used medicine from the hospital but there was no change in my health. When I shifted from hospital medicine to herbal medicine as per Thrive’s training, I felt a big change in my body after only 4 months. Afterwards, I went for a checkup at the hospital and surprisingly the doctor confirmed that my blood pressure had dropped to 139. To this day, I am feeling well and strong. I can do what I could not do before. I am very happy and appreciate Thrive for such revelation that has turned my life normal again.”

– Mary

Ajutchoth Patrick

Thrive’s projects has helped this group support their family and church. In this community ringworm, malaria, and stomach pains have been cured. The surplus plants they have grown has allowed them to generate enough income to help the church purchase bags of cement to help build its foundation. There are no more complications of illness and they are continuing to grow health and serve God!

June Otieno

As June Otieno started getting older, he slowly began to lose his eyesight. Just by eating carrots and greens supplied to him by Thrive’s project he has been able to recover his eyesight. Not only can he see again, but he is gaining energy and strength which is allowing him to work everyday.

Lydia Awor

This is Lydia Awor. Lydia and her family experienced food shortage for the majority of their lives until they learned about Thrive. Now, their days of suffering from severe malnutrition are over. They not only have food to eat everyday, but they have the highest nutrient foods that are allowing them to live healthily.

Zebia Onyango

Meet 76-year old Zebia Onyango. Before learning from Thrive she suffered from UTI, stomach pains and ulcers. By eating greens, her immune system is stronger than ever and she has been completely healed from all illnesses. Keyhole gardens survive through the dry seasons, allowing Zebia to eat nutritious foods all year. She is so thankful for what she has learned and is eager to share with her neighbours and community members.

Joseph Juma

Mr. Joseph Juma, a teacher at the Kangorio Primary School, has shared the valuable lessons from our Growing Health seminar with 270 students. Organic gardens fill their school yard and they produce enough food for the entire school so that they do not have to buy anything from the market. Artemisia tea is provided to each student so that they may live fully! Joseph has not only touched the lives of the students, but his work has motivated all community members to implement these projects on their own land.

Family Medicinal Teas

By learning from Thrive to grow their own food, this family has been able to create enough income needed to buy books and school materials for their children. Medicinal teas have cured them from hypertension and rashes. Additionally, medicinal tea has helped their daughter to crawl, since she hasn’t been able to walk her entire life. Artemisia tea has rescued their neighbour from Malaria.

“Thrive’s projects has helped us and communities around us a lot.”

Mongorion primary school teachers

These two inspiring women are teachers at the Mongorion Primary School. After being educated by Thrive, they have saved the lives of many students. Students and teachers no longer experience former illnesses like stomach pains and ulcers. With surplus organic vegetables, the school is able to generate income. Additionally, the students have taken this knowledge and have started gardens in their own homes. Communities have been transformed because of these two ladies.