Your Legacy for Life

Include the gift of a donation in your Will.

About Legacy Giving

Legacy giving is a planned gift, an act of generosity that ensures your philanthropic goals continue to create a lasting impact. It is a considerable act of kindness.

You may not be aware that you can choose a nonprofit organization or a charity to be a beneficiary in your Will. It might not seem like much at the time, but a legacy gift can make a lasting impact.

When you leave a legacy gift to Thrive, you are planting a seed – a seed that, with careful tending, will grow into something future generations can benefit from. You are ultimately giving a gift that will help build a better world, create a brighter future and continue to grow and impact through generations of changemakers.

By making Thrive a beneficiary in your Will, you can be sure that your generosity will continue. All it takes is a simple clause to leave a legacy gift that will transform communities and individuals for years to come.

Your annual giving could then continue long after you are gone, which can help your favorite charity stabilize and plan for the future.

Your legacy, the way you want.

Let us help you get started

There are many benefits of planned giving. Donating to a charity in your Will allows you to:

  • Offset capital gains or other taxes payable and lessen the financial burden on your loved ones.
  • Provide income or potential savings now and in the future without affecting your current lifestyle.
  • Enjoy significant tax advantages personally or for your heirs when you’re gone.
  • Potentially make a much more substantial gift than might be possible otherwise.
  • Continue to support an organization you care about and offer predictable financial security they can build upon.
  • Reduce the tax owed by your estate.

It’s easy to add Thrive to an existing Will. Speak to your lawyer about preparing a simple amendment without having to rewrite your Will.

How it Works

There are many ways to remember Thrive for Good in your Will.

You can leave a share of your assets

A good way to help is to leave a percentage of what is left of your Estate or assets after other gifts (and debts) have been paid—known as a “residual gift.” If you have already made a Will, but want to add a residual gift to Thrive for Good, your lawyer can help you do this without affecting the gifts you leave your loved ones.

You can leave a fixed sum of money

You may wish to leave us a stated sum of money. This type of gift is known as a “specific gift.”

You can leave a specific item of value

You may wish to leave us a particular item, which can be sold to support our Life Gardens.

Harvesting Yams

What You Need to Know

All that is needed to leave a legacy gift is a few sentences. Here is some information that may be helpful:

  • Our legal name is Thrive for Good
  • Our charitable registration number is 861028298RR0001
  • Our address is 1455 Sixteenth Avenue, Unit 5, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada L4B 4W5
  • Our suggested wording for a residual gift: “To pay Thrive for Good the residue (or share of the residue) of my estate for such use and purpose as the Board of Directors may determine in their absolute discretion.”
  • Our suggested wording for a specific gift: “To pay Thrive for Good the sum of $___ for such use and purpose as the Board of Directors may determine in their absolute discretion.”

If you have questions about what type of gift will work best for you, please contact us. We will be happy to work with you and your family to help you meet your goals.

If you have chosen to put Thrive for Good in your Will, please let us know. We would love to thank you personally. And we want to ensure that you receive the special benefits of our Legacy Circle.

Contact us at +1-416-874-4694, or by email at [email protected]