Trip to Africa

A Teacher’s Perspective

Destination: Kitale, Kenya. 13,000 kilometers across the globe. I went there not as a teacher, but as an observer – an observer who can’t help taking her lifelong ‘teacher eye’ with her wherever she goes! I was a guest of Thrive, a Canadian charity founded 10 years ago by Dale and Linda

My African Adventure

Meet Lea Apostoleris My name is Lea Apostoleris. I have been Atlantic Canada’s territory representative with Purity Life for almost ten years now! I am proud to have grown, over the years, alongside such a great company. Because of our mutual values, commitment, passion, and integrity, rather than drifting apart, Purity

What Are The Chances? A Trip To Africa!

A story of how Nic Soontiens and his wife won a trip to Africa with Thrive. Local Grocery Store Visit Turns Into a Trip to Africa When my 11-year old daughter and I popped into Nature’s Way Select Foods & Brewing Supplies located at 2676 County Road 43 in Kemptville, never would