Growing Health Seminar

Thrive Training Center Update

O4O Training Center

When Thrive started in the year 2008, we rented a small house. This house was primarily used as a meeting place and a cramped classroom. Over the years interest in Thrive grew and more members jumped on board. Together we began our journey of ending extreme poverty. By 2012, Thrive had

The Day-to-Day January 2018 Growing Health Seminar

Growing Health Seminar

On January 1, 2018, the first school of the new year started. 27 new students and 3 returning students moved into the Thrive teaching center eager to learn how to grow health. Each day involved morning lessons and afternoon hands-on activities. This blog post will take you through each day

Thrive Student Interns and New Students Interviews

THRIVE INTERNATIONAL Project Information Story Enjoy reading the following interviews to learn more about our recent Thrive students and what they stand for. Each Thrive student was asked the same 6 questions which address their expectations of the school, their family health history and what their future looks like now that they

The Growing Health Seminar – October 2017

Thrive Opens its Doors to 20 New Students The most recent Growing Health Seminar (GHS) started on October 2, 2017. Our training center located in Kitale, Kenya welcomed 12 student interns and 20 new students. Students came from different locations in Africa, specifically Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. The Growing Health Seminar