Where Does Your Donated Money Go?

Where Does Your Donated Money Go?

Donated Money

Many people that donate to non-profit organizations or charities often wonder where their money actually goes. The common question, “What percentage Gardening of my money goes towards supporting the organization’s mission as opposed to administrative costs?” often arises. At Thrive we are happy to share that 100% of your donation goes towards our projects and programming in Africa. Therefore, your money is going directly into creating food and health security for all.

From the beginning, Thrive has been partnered with Natural Calm Canada. Since then, Natural Calm Canada has graciously chosen to support us by donating all of their profits after covering their business expenses. This means that all of Thrive’s organizational expenses such as Canadian salaries, office, communications and travel expenses, have been paid for by this corporate donor.

The good news is that you can be confident that 100% of your donated funds go directly into growing health projects and programming. Additionally, the money that you donate into these projects often returns 30 times the original amount that was invested. Forget about questioning where your money goes, and focus on the impact that you are making through Thrive!

Reasons why Thrive is your best investment!

  • Empowers communities to be independent rather than creating dependency
  • Promotes sustainability through knowledge and practical skills
  • All areas of society benefit including prisons, HIV groups, churches, schools, slums, orphanages, refugee camps, and medical clinics
  • Projects generate income which provides access to basic needs that many can’t afford
  • The organization is run by Africans, for Africans
  • Multi-level programming promotes constant progress
  • Contributes to a solution to Food and Health insecurity
  • Projects are adaptable to the changing environment Africa presents, allowing farmers to maximize yield in a variety of weather conditions
  • Extremely low start-up costs

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Thank you for being a part of this movement.