World asthma day

May 1st is World Asthma Day. It is estimated that over a quarter of a billion people are affected by this inflammatory disease.

The exact cause is unknown, but it is often triggered by allergies, air pollution, respiratory infections, poor diet, stress, emotions, weather conditions, and certain medications. This disease causes narrowing of the airways that lead to our lungs, making it difficult for one to breathe. Common symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.

Allergic reactions that lead to asthma are often an overreaction to plant materials or dust. This indicates that our body is stressed and that our immune system needs to be reset. More and more research is being focused on restoring immune function which is the best treatment.

Nutrition For Asthma

Nourishing one’s body with healthy foods will arm it against toxins and triggers.

  • Root veggies, sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy greens and berries will provide carotenoids to your body that will reduce inflammatory attacks. Carotenoids help to maintain healthy mucous membranes that line passageways.
  • Garlic, onions and mustard seeds are considered microbials that increase overall health and help to boost one’s immune system.
  • Green leafy vegetables, beans and nuts contain high levels of folate which reduce allergic reactions.
  • Leafy greens, citrus fruits, cruciferous vegetables and berries supply vitamin C to the body. Vitamin C has many health benefits but specifically, it is an antioxidant that can reduce coughing associated with asthma.
  • Greens, nuts, seeds and beans are high magnesium foods that can reduce the severity of asthma attacks. Those with low levels of magnesium are at risk of developing asthma.
  • High fibre foods such as whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds and raw vegetables help to eliminate toxins in the body.
  • Creating a eucalyptus oil vapour rub helps to open one’s airways.

Asthma Weed as a Treatment

For centuries in India, they have used the plant Euphorbia hirta or Asthma Weed. 

Euphorbia hirta, asthma weed

This has many medical uses, but specifically, in the treatment of asthma, the leaves are dried and rolled into a cigarette to smoke. The organization Anamed international has been promoting this method in Africa for several years to open lung passageways during attacks.

This should not be overused as smoke can also trigger attacks. In developing countries, wood-burning stoves in kitchens cause a lot of damage to the respiratory system.

Justus Juma

This is Justus Juma. Previously he had asthma. It was affecting him every day as he would be constantly sneezing and coughing.

After learning about how to grow healthy and then using Thrive’s health tips, his asthma has disappeared, and he can breathe normally again.

He is now able to live life fully and complete his work duties. He is eating food that he knows is building up and healing his body. He is very thankful for Thrive.