Today AIDS is brought to the attention of those around the world as a health awareness day. For those suffering with HIV knowing that the world is interested in their plight is encouraging. Often people with this disease struggle with feelings of hopelessness and rejection.

2.1 Million African Children InfectedWorld AIDS Day - Hope for Children

The continent of Africa has 69% of the world’s HIV sufferers. They currently have 24 million people infected and are the least equipped to handle this stubborn disease. Studies show that 1.1 million new infections occurred in Africa in the year 2016. Additionally, one of the biggest challenges is that 91% of the world’s HIV-positive children live in Africa. Of the 37 million HIV patients worldwide, 2.1 million are children under the age of 15.

HIV Patients Receive Hope

For the last decade, cost effective drugs have become available. Unfortunately, only half of the African population has access to these medications. Therefore, leaving half of the population untreated and hopeless. Although medications help relieve certain symptoms, they can only do so much to stop the relentless killer. The best way to fight this monster is to improve the nutrients in the diets of those infected.

By living the Thrive way, we believe that it is possible to double and even triple dietary nutrients for the average HIV patient. A study we completed in 2011 confirms these results. A group of 31 HIV patients were asked to add a large bowl of greens to their diets every day. The group was also taking antiviral drugs and having their immune systems tested monthly. After 5 weeks of adding more greens to their diet, amazing results were seen. More than three-quarters of the group saw an improvement in their immune system. Additionally, over half saw a doubling and even a tripling of their immune strength. This HIV group was finally provided with hope for their future.

Stand on 2 Legs Rather Than 1

Secondary diseases like tuberculosis can easily be the leading cause of death after HIV weakens the immune system. About one in three AIDS-related deaths are from TB. The greatest defence by far to both of these diseases is improving the nutrient density in their diets.

Additional treatments of Artemisia tea have helped heal and close up the wounds of HIV patients. It should be noted that this tea is the most effective and preventative for malaria.

To offer drugs as the only answer for HIV patients is giving them half the answer. HIV attacks the immune system. Therefore, foods that build up the immune system should be equally promoted. This is the difference between standing on 2 legs rather than 1.

We believe that more hope is yet to be discovered.

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World AIDS Day - Hope for Families

My African Adventure Meet Lea Apostoleris

My name is Lea Apostoleris. I have been Atlantic Canada’s territory representative with Purity Life for almost ten years now! I am proud to have grown, over the years, alongside such a great company. Because of our mutual values, commitment, passion, and integrity, rather than drifting apart, Purity and I have moved forward together in this industry. Purity Life has always encouraged and enabled me to pursue my professional and personal goals. Because of Purity Life and Natural Calm Canada, I was recently able to fulfill a lifelong dream: to visit Africa. I was also lucky to do it with a fellow retailer, who is now a close friend, from Corn Crib Natural Foods in Saint John. Continue reading to find out the details of my African adventure.

Everyone Needs to be Part of the Solution

Walking on African soil has been on my bucket list for years. This continent, so rich in natural resources, history, culture, and beauty, has always called to me in a way I find hard to express. I had spent countless hours perusing websites promoting aid missions, fundraising initiatives, and sponsorship opportunities for this broken continent, but they always failed to convince me that my investment would actually make a difference. Then I met Dale and Linda Bolton of Natural Calm Canada and learned about how they are not only helping countless Canadians with their patented ionic magnesium product but are also working to end extreme poverty. Sounds like a pretty big order, eh? Some might even go as far as to say it’s nothing but a pipe dream. How can we possibly end extreme poverty? I wanted to see for myself what this company was all about. I wanted to know how our selling an already-amazing product could actually provide an answer to a problem this world has been struggling with for years. So I went. And I saw. And I’m here to tell you—every person who reads this—that you are part of the solution, and it’s not that hard.

My African Adventure - Green SmoothieLet Food By Thy Medicine

Dale and Linda founded Thrive ten years ago. They have taken the same message we as health-food retailers, manufacturers, and distributors have been advocating for years and brought it to a place that needs it the most: Let food be thy medicine. They started a school in Kitale, Kenya, to teach just that.

I thought I knew what I had signed up for. But it wasn’t until I arrived and got to tour their school, meet their students, and listen to their stories that I was really able to see the change we can all be a part of by selling Natural Calm and supporting those living in extreme poverty with proper nutrition, education—and repetition. How many times do we as educators have to drill into someone’s head that sugar is bad and greens are good? It is no different at Thrive; however, in conditions of extreme poverty, it’s a matter of life and death.

Villages, Schools, Slums and Prisons – Where to Next?

Thrive works with small-scale farmers, focusing on four goals: food security, nutritional education, disease prevention, and income generation. For one month, four times a year for two years, students learn about gardening, proper nutrition, and healing herbs in the first year. In the second year, they continue to learn about nutrition as well as community development, time management, and income generation. Back in their villages, the students do the practical work of getting people to commit to My African Adventure investing their time in maintaining a green-based garden. Once an agreement is reached with that village, Thrive provides them with seeds, tools, and, most importantly, a course on composting, bringing the soil to life, crop rotation, seed drying, and the importance of growing nutrient-dense foods to fight and prevent disease. This also generates income for the community when they sell their surplus vegetables. When the students graduate, they receive compensation for each garden they successfully set up, thereby creating yet another income source! Currently, Thrive has projects in prisons, villages, schools, slums, and surrounding African countries. Next, they have their sights set on refugee camps and India!

African Adventure Opens Minds

The opportunities are endless, and you can even implement them right here at home. Although we do not experience anything close to what those in extreme poverty experience, we are still in desperate need of education on getting back to the land—to the soil, and letting food be our medicine. I’m sure that is why most of you do what you do! I find it quite ironic that I had to travel all the way to Africa to learn the best way to plant a garden!

In a place where the world’s resources are the richest, its citizens are among the world’s poorest. Where medicinal plants such as Artemisia (wormwood) and Moringa grow in the ditches, most people suffer yearly from malaria and malnutrition, cholera, and typhoid. Where the growing season for healthful fruits and veggies is twelve months a year, people starve. This does not have to be.

Choose HopeMy African Adventure - Kids

Now more than ever it is so important to keep organizations such as Thrive going. The EU has declared Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia to be in a crisis of extreme famine right now! One garden with one water well per community can literally fix this problem. I have seen it happen! And I have also seen what it looks like when it doesn’t happen. I choose hope. I choose to donate my money to organizations such as Thrive rather than sponsorships or dead aid. “Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for life.” That old proverb still rings true.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing trip, please contact Dale or I. Do yourself a favour and open your eyes to how the other half lives, then reach into your heart and ask yourself what you can do to help. Natural Calm has made it easy for each one of us to effect change.

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Lea Apostoleris

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