Meet James

My name is James Mushinzimana from Rwanda Eastern province. I joined Thrive (formerly Organics 4 Orphans) in 2015 when it was my first time knowing how to grow vegetables and eat greens. It was difficult for me because I was used to eating cassava flour and never ate greens. Malaria used to attack me everytime my body was weak. After understanding about natural medicine, specifically Artemisia, I no longer experience Malaria. I am now a trainer for Thrive where I enjoy helping my family and surrounding communities to grow health.

Date started with Thrive: July 2015

Project Location: Kageyo, Rwanda


  • DTS Leadership Development
  • Organic Agricultural Trainer
  • Leadership
  • Master Organic Agricultural Trainer

is proud to support Life Gardens in Kageyo, Rwanda

Vita builds attractive, long lasting products that help people grow vegetables regardless of ability. Every facet of their company has purpose—from the selection of materials to their packaging design. Leading by example, they inspire customers to help the world gain access to good, fresh foods.

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“For many years my life was hard because I used to suffer from malnutrition. I didn’t understand the importance of healthy foods. In 2014, Africa New Life came to my village and introduced my community to keyhole gardens and taught us to grow vegetables at our home. Since 2015, I have been eating greens every day. My life has changed, my family and I no longer experience any diseases.”

– Saverina Utetiwabo

How your partnership gift is used:

100% of funds go directly to supporting James and his thriving Life Gardens.

It costs $560 a month to sponsor the impact James is creating.
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Everything begins with a seed. Once planted, it is nurtured, fed and supported.


Education empowers choice, change, opportunity and power.


Transparency through communication to share the impact that you are supporting.


Travelling to reach the marginalized and all areas of society.


Love and support for our trainer’s thriving family.