Meet Collins

Collins Swa was first introduced to Thrive in 2013 and recently graduated to become a Master Organic Agricultural Trainer (MOAT) . After completing a total of 19 community Life Gardens, which hav impacted more than 500 people, Collins has moved on to working with partners. Collins is assisting JusTea, a fair trade tea company, to create 18 community Life Gardens of their own. Together, JusTea and Thrive are working to bring health and nutrition in a region and industry that is deeply impacted by malnutrition.

Project Location: Nandi Hills, Kenya

Certifications: Organic Agricultural Trainer, Discipleship Training School, Thrive Leadership, Master Organic Agricultural Trainer


is proud to support Life Gardens in Nandi Hills

JusTea believes in providing equal opportunity to everyone. Over the last 7 years, they have partnered with small scale, Kenyan tea farmers, creating more than 200 sustainable jobs. To extend their impact, JusTea is going a step further by partnering with Thrive for Good to bring health and nutrition to 450 tea-pluckers and community members in Nandi. The creation of Life Gardens will reduce the prevalence of malaria by up to 75%, provide the nutrients our bodies need to thrive and allow individuals to reach their full potential.


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“Before I came to Thrive, I used to suffer a lot from typhoid and malaria. Once I learned about healthy foods and natural medicine, I changed my eating style. Since then I have not had to go to the hospital again. Eating a variety of vegetables and greens has strengthened my immune system. I am thankful that I am now a Thrive trainer and can share this knowledge that changed my life.”

– Collins Swa

How JusTea’s partnership gift is used:

100% of funds go directly to supporting Collins and his thriving Life Gardens.

It costs $550 a month to sponsor the impact Collins is creating. Here’s how far JusTea’s donation dollars go in Kenya every month:


Everything begins with a seed. Once planted, it is nurtured, fed and supported.


Education empowers choice, change, opportunity and power.


Transparency through communication to share the impact that you are supporting.


Traveling to reach the marginalized and all areas of society.


Love and support for our trainer’s thriving family.

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