Boaz Workshop

The Power Lies Within

Much of the thinking behind the worldwide Organic Health Movement revolves around the power of seeds and the plants that they produce. When looking at the natural world, we realize that almost everything is started with a seed.

In many of our homes in the West, we have at least 100 different computer chips in phones, watches, TVs, computers and even cooking devices. These tiny chips have totally changed our lives. They are like a seed because their power is in the information that they store inside. Although seeds can be tiny, they store thousands of bits of information as well. 

In addition to this, each seed when germinated becomes a plant that can then produce upwards of 30, 60 and 100 more seeds in only 50 days. Each plant can have as many as 8,000 different plant chemicals that help it function and protect itself. Most of these same chemicals are the ones that our bodies need as well. With over 400,000 different plants, the health benefits that they can provide are endless. 

Superhero Seeds

We are very excited about the infinite power of seeds. We compare the power of a seed to that of the hero David. Even though he was small and unimpressive, there was something in him that had the power to destroy the giant Goliath.

There has been very little progress in taking down the giant of extreme poverty in the last decade, but the power of a seed gives us hope.

This weekend almost 1/3 of the world’s population celebrates a very powerful but different seed. A spiritual seed that was planted almost 2000 years ago. Like a seed going into the ground, Christ historically died and was buried for the wrongs of this world. And like a seed he rose from the ground creating a new hope through a universally available spiritual relationship with God. That relationship is not dependent on geography, race, age or class.

Often, we try to find a solution to our problems through technology. Perhaps the answers we’ve been looking for have been here for all along. The answer could be as simple as a seed.