Our Simple Solution

Our approach is multi-faceted; we’re focusing on four key themes: Organic Gardening, Nutrition, Natural Medicine, and Income Generation. Our strategies center on rural farming communities, because we believe Africa’s future depends on its ability to transform agriculture.

Agriculture sounds simple enough – people have been farming for millennia after all. But in Africa the constraints to farming are unique. By addressing these constraints, Thrive will help the extreme poor lift themselves to the next rung of development, creating a brighter future for themselves and orphans in their communities.

Organic Gardening

Several organic techniques are used to grow food all year round even in small, barren or dry areas. Everything native that can be used to help rebuild the soil is used. Less water is needed when more organic material is incorporated. Close spacing creates more food per square foot.


Foods are selected that give energy but also build the immune system. Indigenous plants that were grown before mono-cropping are rediscovered. Health is a symphony of different foods. The benefits of greens, beans, cruciferous plants and the onion family are added to common starch staples with cooking herbs for flavour.

Natural Medicine

Over 50 herbal medicine plants are studied that protect and even treat diseases like malaria. These benefits have been used for centuries and are easily grown in any backyard. This can be life saving in areas with no medical support. HIV patients can double and even triple their chances of staying alive.

Income Generation

Farming is slowly changing. Higher value, fast growing organic crops can create better profits for small scale farmers. Building the soil also creates longer growing seasons and healthier plants. Higher prices can be charged by farmers who know and grow plants that protect health.

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