Meet Melvin

Melvin Isanda is Thrive’s newest qualified trainer, recently graduating from a 2-year internship program to a fully qualified Organic Agricultural Trainer (OAT). Based in Kenya, Melvin has 12 Life Garden projects under her belt. She has been with Thrive since 2017 has made a huge difference in her communities.

Project Location: Trans-Nzoia, Kenya


  • Organic Agricultural Trainer
  • Discipleship Training School
  • Thrive Leadership

is proud to support Life Gardens across East Africa

LeBeau believes that everyone has the right to healthy, nourishing foods –  especially children. Over the last ten years, they’ve helped over 700 communities and 35,000 people in East Africa to become healthy and sustainable by cultivating “life gardens.” To expand their impact and help more people, LeBeau’s team members are sponsoring Thrive’s newest trainer, Melvin Isanda to create sustainable change.


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People Benefiting


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Monthly Meals Produced


Value of Food Produced

“We started consuming the chemical-free foods that we planted. I specifically started noticing changes in my skin, whereby the white dry spots had disappeared and my stomach stopped grumbling. I started asking others – my dad’s ulcers had subsided and my neighbours’ kids were not suffering from malaria as frequently.

“My passion for growing health and improving the soil in simple ways increased from the changes I was seeing.”

– Melvin Isanda

How LeBeau’s partnership gift is used:

100% of funds go directly to supporting Melvin and her thriving Life Gardens.

It costs $550 a month to sponsor the impact Melvin is creating.
Here’s how far LeBeau’s donation dollars go in Kenya every month:


Everything begins with a seed. Once planted, it is nurtured, fed and supported.


Education empowers choice, change, opportunity and power.


Transparency through communication to share the impact that you are supporting.


Travelling to reach the marginalized and all areas of society.


Love and support for our trainer’s thriving family.