What is an OAT?

In 2008 we knew 2 things about the orphan crisis in Africa. First off, trying to support 40 million orphans using traditional orphanages was just not feasible because of the size and cost of programming. Not only that, but the orphan population in Africa was increasing by 1 to 2 million a year because caregivers were dying prematurely due to poor diets.

We knew that the best solution was to be able to show communities how to grow disease-fighting food all year round. This was the beginning of training leaders to do just that. It all started with 5 day workshops that trained the community to create learning gardens. These trainers would then return to our training center over a period of a year to complete a 20 part training in organic growing, nutrition, natural medicine and income generation.

We felt that the best name for these trainers would be OATs – Organic Agricultural Trainers. We currently have a 2 year internship program to equip local leaders to help create Food and Health Security in a number of communities.


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Countries in

What Does it Take to Become an OAT?

Thrive has a program to train OATs who can do what we do in different parts of the world. We do this through a 2 year internship. There are no fees to take the 2 year internship. Advancement is determined by the progress in their community projects.

Alex Wafula

OAT Bungoma, Kenya

Ambrose Oketcho

OAT & Ugandan Director

Amos Wekesa

OAT West Pokot, Kenya
OATS - Andrew Kasetem

Andrew Kasetem

OAT West Pokot, Kenya

Brian Mabonga

OAT Bungoma, Kenya

Celestine Barasa

OAT Kitale, Kenya

Chance Kashengula

OAT Uvira, Congo

Charles Saiyalel

OAT Narok, Kenya

Collins Swa

OAT Kisumu, Kenya

David Elungat

OAT Teso North, Kenya

David Opend

OAT Tororo, Uganda

Elizabeth Jekombe

OAT Bungoma, Kenya

Emmanuel Asige

OAT Vihiga, Kenya

Emmanuel Khisa

OAT Bungoma, Kenya

Francis Apal

OAT Tororo, Uganda
OATS - Francis

Francis Lotee

OAT Pokot, Kenya

Innocent Kwizera

OAT Bururi, Burundi

Isaack Okadapau

OAT Tororo, Uganda
OATS - James

James Mushinzimana

OAT Bugesera, Rwanda
OATS - Japheth

Japheth Tupikumwenimana

OAT Rwamagana, Rwanda
OATS - Jimmy

Jimmy Nkundamatwere

OAT Kicukiro, Rwanda

John Damascine

OAT Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Joseph Obbo

OAT Tororo, Uganda
OATS - Joyce Juma

Joyce Juma

OAT Kitale, Kenya

Julius Ekiru

OAT Trans Nzoia, Kenya

Kaderi Kashengula

OAT Uvira, Congo

Kennedy Nganyi

OAT Entebess, Kenya

Levi Emokol

OAT Kitale, Kenya

Meshack Riwaruk

OAT West Pokot, Kenya

Moses Oketcho

OAT Tororo, Uganda

Samson Nganyi

OAT Trans Nzoia, Kenya

Tom Okadapau

OAT Tororo, Uganda

Trophena Barasa

OAT Bungoma, Kenya

Zeldah Wanyonyi

OAT Bungoma, Kenya

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