Online Training Portal

A learning community committed to Growing Health.

As part of Thrive’s service, we offer access to an information epi-center to exchange new thinking and innovative methods to “use the land for good.” It allows communities to gain experience, knowledge and resources and find best practices and solutions for techniques, crops, methods and overall, better gardens.

The Learning Portal

At the core of our service is the training and transfer of knowledge. Our training platform is built on creating an outstanding student experience with learning content that includes videos, quizzes and automatically curated content. The learning experience is enhanced when it is continuously refreshed, and content is readily available.

Whether our users have data access (wi-fi or internet) or not, our content and platforms can be deployed and readily accessible to all users.

Community Cloud

All of Thrive’s partners and their Champions have access to our ‘community-cloud’ which invites users to collaborate, explore and disseminate best practices. The Thrive Community Cloud is a responsive portal where users can access articles, FAQ’s, update accounts and create and manage questions, requests for help and inquiries. Through our Cloud experience, we ensure all partners and their projects are at their best performance.

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