You Can Help Feed Hungry Families – For Life

With one donation, you can give people everything they need to grow their own food.

The Global Food Crisis Is Happening Right Now

The cost of food is at an all-time high. Many families are down to 1 meal a day. We have more people than ever asking us to come to their communities to help set up Life Gardens.

And we’re ready to do that, but we need your help.

When you give today, you’ll be providing the training, seeds, and simple tools they needed to grow healthy, nutritious, disease-fighting food.

That’s not just food for a week but food forever.

Will you help us raise $7,500 to get gardens established in 10 new communities?

Here’s What Makes Us Different

Our approach is multifaceted. We’re focusing on four key themes:

Fork & Trowel

Organic Gardening. Several organic techniques are used to grow food all year round even in small, barren or dry areas. Everything native that can be used to help rebuild the soil is used. Less water is needed when more organic material is incorporated. Close spacing creates more food per square foot.


Nutrition. Health is achieved when we have a symphony of nutrition. Life Gardens incorporate crops that yield maximum nutrition, including healing indigenous crops, greens, beans, herbs, bright orange, red and yellow veggies that strengthen the immune system.

Aloe Vera

Natural Medicine. Each community garden includes a portion of medicinal plants. They are used to prevent and treat diseases. Indigenous plants can be used for burns, diarrhea, anti-bacterial treatment, malaria prevention, and HIV/AIDS treatment. This is life-saving in areas with minimal medical support, common to the rural poor.


Income Generation. When community members are growing and thriving on the harvest of their own nutritious Life Gardens, a world of opportunity opens. We provide training to help communities bring their surplus to market.

How You’re Helping Fight Hunger – Sustainably



“Before I came to Thrive, I used to suffer a lot from typhoid and malaria. Once I learned about healthy foods and natural medicine, I changed my eating style. Since then, I have not had to go to the hospital again. Eating a variety of vegetables and greens has strengthened my immune system. I am thankful that I am now a Thrive trainer and can share this knowledge that changed my life.”



“The health of my family has been changed by learning to make food our medicine. We make our own smoothies, eat raw vegetables and sell surplus, which has enabled us to sustain our living fully. Our garden has also attracted our neighbours, and the healing is spreading to our community!”



“We started consuming the chemical-free foods that we planted. I specifically started noticing changes in my skin, whereby the white dry spots had disappeared and my stomach stopped grumbling. I started asking others – my dad’s ulcers had subsided and my neighbours’ kids were not suffering from malaria as frequently. My passion for growing health and improving the soil in simple ways increased from the changes I was seeing.”

Together, We Can End Hunger & Malnutrition – Will You Join Us?