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The Climb to End Hunger & Malnutrition – Globally!

World hunger has dramatically increased due to COVID-19, supply chain issues, shipping challenges, and war in Ukraine. And the sharpest rise has been in developing countries, where the marginalized and impoverished are at the most risk.

But step by step — and with your help — we can save lives.

Through the Kilimanjaro climb, Thrive is raising funds for families and communities living on one meal or less a day to grow their own nutritious food, sustainably.

Any amount you can give does help. And every dollar you donate is matched, thanks to our generous sponsor, Natural Calm Canada.

The easiest way to help is to simply donate — and you’ll receive an instant tax receipt for all gifts over $15.

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The Return on Investment

Every $1 invested in Life Gardens can yield $15 in economic returns to a community.

It’s a solid investment. Life Gardens are perhaps the single most powerful tool for ending poverty.

With the right knowledge and simple tools, it costs very little to grow health. But the impact is enormous, rippling out to dramatically improve child development, mortality, economic security — creating brighter futures.

$15 a month gives 12 people a year everything they need to grow health.

Life Gardens changed the lives of Jacob, John, Mara and Joyce. Read their stories.

Create lasting impact by supporting a community in need.

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Give monthly and help lift 1 million people out of extreme poverty by 2025 by simply giving them access to nutrition.

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