Author: Phil Nauta

Mang’s Trip to Kenya 2022

What is your position at Thrive for Good and what do you do? I work as Program Manager in Thrive for Good, presently based in New Delhi, India. I work with partner organizations to help communities and churches get access to healthy and nutritious food so that they may have a

Here’s Our New (Free!) Course

Academy Sneak Peek

We’ve recently put the finishing touches on our new course. Actually, it's 2 courses: One on Growing Food and one on Healthy Eating. The focus of the Growing Food Course is, yes, growing food, but more specifically, growing extraordinarily nutrient-dense food using organic methods. Here's a little video: I moved into an old

Prison Partnership Program

Prison Partnership Program

Thrive for Good is a charity established to bring nutrition, health, economic security, and hope to the poor. Thrive's vision is to empower 1 million people in the developing world by 2025 to lead healthy and sustainable lives by training them to grow an abundance of nutritious, organic, whole foods. Thrive

The Most Important Reason To Grow Your Own Food

Heirloom Tomatoes

The tomato taste test. You slice a tomato from the garden – along with one that came from the grocery store – and taste them both. There are many reasons the one from the store often doesn’t taste like much. First, the variety of tomato is bland to begin with. It was chosen

The delicate balance between a hand-out and a hand-up

Harvesting vegetables

Thrive for Good is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 to help eradicate extreme poverty.  Thrive took a different approach than most to the concept of charity, though, and instead of giving help in the form of money or handing out single meals, they dug deep to find the roots of