Author: Kerri Roberts

A “Now” Solution for Malaria in Africa

Solution To Malaria in Africa

The majority of unsolved problems in our world today can be blamed for lack of political will. We put the blame on the government and they often are unresponsive. As problems are not being solved, we should put our focus in a different direction. Perhaps a solution to all problems should

Thrive Training Center Update

O4O Training Center

When Thrive started in the year 2008, we rented a small house. This house was primarily used as a meeting place and a cramped classroom. Over the years interest in Thrive grew and more members jumped on board. Together we began our journey of ending extreme poverty. By 2012, Thrive had

A Teacher’s Perspective

Destination: Kitale, Kenya. 13,000 kilometers across the globe. I went there not as a teacher, but as an observer – an observer who can’t help taking her lifelong ‘teacher eye’ with her wherever she goes! I was a guest of Thrive, a Canadian charity founded 10 years ago by Dale and Linda

The Power of a Seed

Much of the thinking behind the worldwide Organic Health Movement revolves around the power of seeds and the plants that they produce. When looking at the natural world, we realize that almost everything is started with a seed.

Thrive Staff – Ambrose Motian

Ambrose Motian

After finishing high school, I was figuring out what would be my next move and was looking for something to do in my life. I tried so many things, including burning charcoal, working as a room steward in hotels and working in peoples' gardens to earn some money. In the

The Day-to-Day January 2018 Growing Health Seminar

Growing Health Seminar

On January 1, 2018, the first school of the new year started. 27 new students and 3 returning students moved into the Thrive teaching center eager to learn how to grow health. Each day involved morning lessons and afternoon hands-on activities. This blog post will take you through each day

Thrive Staff: Kerri Roberts

O4O Staff: Kerri Roberts

Figuring out where I was called to work was a crazy ride. After finishing my Bachelor of Science - Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education, I went on to supply teach in various Christian schools. One of the schools that I was teaching at mentioned a potential partnership that they may

The Best Natural Healing Options

Often when the cold weather comes people start to think about flu shots and other medications. Are there other options that can be used to help avoid and treat these awful illnesses? The winter is not just a time of escaping the weather. For some of us it is enjoying the

A Decade to Remember – Part 6

Over the last several years, the biggest challenge we faced was our ability to keep up. As demand for sustainability in the developing world continued to increase, we continued to run full steam to train enough leaders. These days, sustainability seems to be the buzzword. This word involves creating change in the

A Decade to Remember – Part 5

By 2015 we thought that we had projects in every segment of society. Thrive was in public schools, slums, HIV groups, orphans care groups and churches. We realized we weren't in every segment when Linda got invited to do a devotional talk in a local women’s prison. The next day