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Thrive Staff: James Woller

My journey arriving at Thrive is scattered with God’s grace and sovereignty. But, that has been the case with every major life transition I have made. What ultimately brought me to Thrive is my passion to join a movement that helps lift others out of poverty. I hate poverty. God’s call on my life started when I was nine and went to hear a missionary from Indonesia speak. I explicitly remember being deeply inspired by the huge banner behind him that said “If My People…” showing people from various cultures around the globe praying. I strongly felt the Lord call me to…

Why the Organic Health Movement has the Best Chance at Ending Extreme Poverty

Imagine a forest fire, raging out of control. Each time the wind shifts, the fire’s path changes. On an incline, the fire spreads more quickly. In a situation like this, experts are consulted to analyze many factors, such as fuel type, fire-weather conditions, topography, and human activity. They then present a plan for the “best chance” at controlling the situation that can change within minutes.

Extreme poverty can be compared to a forest fire as a multitude of factors can change overnight, tipping millions into poverty. In 1990, the World Bank defined extreme poverty as…

Thankful 4…

This year we are thankful for something very simple. We are thankful for something that is used in some way, every single day, by every single person in this world. They are used in recipes, calendars, driving instructions, phone books, stores, clocks, birthdays, mail and most importantly, they are used to measure the impact an organization is making as they end extreme rural poverty. We are thankful for…

Where Does Your Donated Money Go?

Many people that donate to non-profit organizations or charities often wonder where their money actually goes. The common question, “What percentage of my money goes towards supporting the organization’s mission as opposed to administrative costs?” often arises. At Thrive we are happy to share that 100% of your donation goes towards our projects and programming in Africa. Therefore, your money is going directly into creating…

Thrive Staff: Somy Winardi

I got to know Thrive through Dale, whom I had known for more than 10 years as part of the Pastors and Leaders group in the Greater Toronto Area. Soon I discovered that Dale went to Africa often with a  mission to end extreme poverty through the Thrive organization. Over the next couple of years I got to know Dale and the organization better and was able to connect some people and ethnic groups with this amazing ministry.
At the end of November 2016, Dale sent me a message stating, “We need to chat.” During this chat, he shared the updates of Thrive during the year 2016. At the end of the presentation,  he invited me to become part of the Thrive Board. Lydia, my wife, and I prayed about it and felt called to accept the invitation and decided to join the team in January 2017. Realizing that one day we would need to go and visit the Thrive Growing Health Institute in Kitale, Kenya. Africa would be the last continent that we haven’t been.

Thrive Staff: Paul Weigel

I first heard about Thrive in the early stages of its conception. Margaret (my wife) and I had reconnected with Dale and Linda around our common interest in sailing. About that time Dale and Linda had both made significant life changes in order to follow their vision of building a social enterprise and a charity which could end extreme poverty in Africa and the world. We remained in contact with Dale and Linda when Dale became a director of the Forerunner Project which we founded in 2003.

Recently, I felt we should offer to help Thrive in whatever way needed. I currently serve on the Board of Directors as chairman. I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve in what I believe to be an important, effective, strategic and compassionate ministry to the poorest of poor.

Thrive Staff: Esther Siret

While I was attending college, I can recall returning home to see a few men working in our family garden. They created nice garden beds and planted a variety of crops that I often only saw in grocery stores. My family and I really loved the work that they did in our garden. A few years later, my mum and I were strolling through our neighbourhood when we heard celebrations taking place at Thrive’s Growing Health Institute. We were intrigued to find out what was going on, so we stopped in. During our visit to Thrive’s graduation ceremony, my mum reminded me about the men that used to work in our garden and that they had come from Thrive. I instantly fell in love with Thrive and dreamt of working with them. Today, I realise that dream has come to pass.

Thrive Staff: Dale Bolton

After being struck by the size of the orphan population in Africa, I felt a strong pull to go see the situation first hand in 2004. True to what I had heard, there were unsupported children everywhere. During this time money was raised to help build a home for orphans. The seer number of unsupported children was still very bothersome.

The Best Chance at Treating Asthma Naturally

May 1st is World Asthma Day. It is estimated that over a quarter of a billion people are affected by this inflammatory disease. The exact cause is unknown, but it is often triggered by allergies, air pollution, respiratory infections, poor diet, stress, emotions, weather conditions, and certain medications. Asthma causes narrowing of the airways that lead to our lungs, making it difficult for one to breathe. Common symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.

A “Now” Solution for Malaria

The majority of unsolved problems in our world today can be blamed for lack of political will. We put the blame on the government and they often are unresponsive. As problems are not being solved, we should put our focus in a different direction.
Perhaps a solution to all problems should involve “people will” rather than “political will.” Getting people involved in problem solving is feasible in our world today as ¾ of the world is connected through the internet. Together we can discover solutions and take action.